Books for Rebels with a Cause

The written word has moved mountains since the beginning of time. It has given shape to the voices of the voiceless. Rebellion Press is a place to re-launch the honest and diverse voices of struggle, hope and salvation within a progressive long-view global community engagement, free from bottom-line pressures and censorship.

When you have something to say, and nowhere to say it, rebel!

Rebellion Press is a simple start-up whose aim is to ensure authentic voices with global engagement on socially aware and challenging topics get aired, printed and heard. The first five year time-line is to publish two books a year, and more as the budgets allows. It's a small indie press with a big heart, with the aim of conversation and engagement, producing books for Rebels with a Cause!

The presses first book was released on 11-18-11, "Rebel Moms: The Off-Road Map for the Off-Road Mom"! It is available at:

and on Amazon and Barnes & both in paperback, ebook & epub files for Kindle and Nook.

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Our second release The Chronicles of the Pharaoh's Daughter coming out summer 2012! And Rebel Moms Book Blog Tour Mother's Day 2012!